Friday, March 4, 2011

Bottomless Women Sports

Juventus-AC Milan live on Radio1!

Radio programs of today: 1

12:00 Radio24 OTHER EUROPE Federico Taddia speaks with Jan-Christoph Kitzler of the German national radio to talk about the reactions of public opinion Germany in the resignation of German Minister who has copied the thesis.

11:00 Radio24 THE GASTRONAUTA today Davide Paolini talks about raw fish!

11:00 RADIO2 RADIO2 SOCIAL CLUB Luca Barbarossa and Virginia are home to Vincenzo Raffaele Cirami, Max Pezzali e Dario Cassini! That episode!

11:35 RADIO1 FACE TO FACE Stefano Mensura interview the Nobel Prize of 2010 French children Simon, a young girl only 16 years old Dominican who has fought for the rights of Haitian immigrants, worked as slaves.

12:00 RADIO KISS KISS GOOD FOOTBALL ALL comments and advances on the day of the Championship. Bruno Longhi leads with the participation of Arrigo Sacchi.

12:00 RADIO 105 105 SPOR T Fabiana leads, in the company Fabio Caressa and Richard Este. Gaby Mudingayi spoke of Bologna, Marco Fassone dg of Naples and radishes Frabrizio Lorenzo Amuse England.

13:00 Radio3 DOCTOR DJEMBE Stefano Bollani and the clarinetist David Mauro Negri Riondino host for an episode dedicated to black music.

13:30 Radio24 YOUNG TALENTS Sergio Nava presents the story of Chiara Dossi, administrative manager in Shanghai.

14:00 Radio3 HEART OF DARKNESS Angels of the stage. The Man in Black.

14:00 Radio24 NO MORE 'THE SEASON Robert Jordan says the facts of the week hosting Filippo Facci, columnist for Free.

14:55 RADIO1 ALL FOOTBALL minute by minute live broadcast from the fields of Serie B.

15:00 RADIO2 TELLUS rai good news of the schedule, with the comic and the geologist Mario Cifola Federica Tozzi! We speak of the Earth, the environment, how to improve the situation of starting from our small planet.

15:00 R101 Panicucci Federica Panicucci presents the most popular songs of all time with Superclassifica smiles.

15:00 Radio3 PIAZZA VERDI The Value of Culture. Today, live from the Teatro Piccolo in Milan in Via Rovello. go!

20:45 RADIO1 GR1 football commentary live Giulio Delfino and Tarcisio Mazzeo from the Olympic Stadium in Turin advance of Serie A, Juventus and Milan!
Milan Juventus

21:00 RMC RMC UNLIMITED The undeniable charm of Kay Rush is released in a new musical journey through the most challenging and refined.



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