Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bras For Stroke Patients

Sampa for friends. It is said that those who founded the worship and the rest of the Brazilians are unlivable.
is a city with 2 faces: by day appears as a cluster of tall buildings that are playing leapfrog with each other according to a random arrangement, with no apparent logic it 'sense of taste.
the city after dark dresses, the darkness misleads squat outlines of buildings and turns them into sparkling sequin dresses ready to live the night.
The heat, the heat, the distances preposterous and embarrassing files disappear with the last ray of sunshine to give way to dark avenidas where cars flow like bowling balls toward the more diverse sitili food. Lultima fashion and temakeria Japanese, which fits well in the mountain calorie diet and light foods in the Paulistas are cornered, replacing the popular Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, English, French, Greek ..
multicultural heart of Brazil São Paulo, a city made up of children of immigrants, banks and small and large businesses. Sampa
gray and chaotic, unprepared to tourism, but with a museum of modern art high-level and a myriad of interesting places around the urban fabric as the stars in the southern sky.
City difficult to get around on foot, with dimensions that go beyond common sense and a European skyline and unlimited daunting, São Paulo is such in its form only in circumstances related to speculation, but could be in a thousand different ways and no one would notice .
Luckily Paulistas know and have proven very kind and hospitable, a kind of friendliness from a good family from Naples to Milan in a drink, and I must say that this is the most expensive city I've visited so far and probably the whole of Brazil.
Even so it is very pleasant and the availability and the friendliness of Tatiana, Alex and Ariane I was very surprised especially for his ability to withstand the stress of work and traffic and still have the urge to smile and to add a por favor every time he hesitated to accept their invitation.


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